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We Can Make A Difference.

Youth are the future leaders of our communities.

We are equipping youth with the experiences and skills necessary to critically address the causational factors that influence the lives of those most in need in our communities.

Our main goal as an organization is to work together toward a bettering our communities by addressing challenges head on with bold solutions.

Our Aim

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our focus is on cultivating young adults to care for their communities and developing responsible current and future generations.

We create compelling opportunities for youth to engage in critical community issues. We do this through programs that cultivate critical thinking, creative problem solving, and effective communication.

Our vision is for communities in which youth have the awareness, understanding, and voice to effectively impact the issues that affect their lives.

Our Story

Youth Voice Impact was conceived by Founder/CEO George Starbuck in response to a burden that God placed on his heart for the city of Fresno and the conviction that investing in the next generation is the key to lasting change.

Youth Empowered Affordable Housing Summit #2

For the YEAH #2 Summit, we are exploring the idea of Short-Term Home Purchase Developments for College Students. (This idea can be tweaked towards military, business incentives, and lower income needs.)

Youth Empowered Affordable Housing Summit

Young adult attendees wrote a new definition as to what affordable home ownership means to them: "To us, housing attainability is the chance to enhance our opportunity through home ownership while not living paycheck to paycheck. It is the ability to attain and obtain a house while not sacrificing survival necessities at any income level."

Affordable Housing

YVI begins development of a project involving youth in critical engagement with solutions to affordable housing for future generations.


Mission Not Impossible is put on hiatus by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mission Not Impossible

Youth Voice Impact hosts its first major event, "Mission Not Impossible," which registers 20 teams, each composed of 3-4 youth, to develop solutions that address causational drivers of poverty in their communities.

Youth Voice Impact, Inc. is formed

Youth Voice Impact, Inc. is formed and registered as a California non-profit corporation. George Starbuck, Rick Harrison, and Mark Peterson are the founding board members.

Innovative ideas to help

A group of 8 college students representing the Hispanic, African American, Caucasian, and Asian demographics of Fresno, were elected by community leaders to participate in a 3 day think tank session. Their task was to come up with innovative ideas to help change the image of Fresno. Together they developed city wide project ideas for uniting ...

Giving them a voice

George begins looking for community organizations that train youth by giving them a voice in their communities. He sees that this is lacking in Fresno.
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Meet our leadership

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